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Cars are gradually becoming a necessity for urbanites. Various trends have been observed in the car purchasing fashion of Indians. India recently reported faster growth of market for the used cars than of the new ones. Cars which have been used by one or more owners are commonly known as pre-owned or second-hand cars. Though new car has its own advantages, lesser purchase and insurance cost and low depreciation rate are factors that favor buying used cars in san diego. Sometimes buyers crack a fortune with opportunities where pre-owned cars are sold at considerably low price with condition as good as new.

How to choose best used car?

While buying a car, be it new or second-hand, it is always important to be sure of certain aspects. Planning and research from the buyer’s side is always a must. While buying a pre-owned car, analyze what kind of car would exactly satisfy your needs and would fit right in your budget. Consult with car owners from your family and friends and list down at least 4-5 preferences, and then select the best one for yourself.used cars in san diegoTop 6 factors to keep in mind before buying a used car:

  • Time for which the car has been used – Lesser the runtime and travelled distance, better is the durability.
  • Car model – Compare the car model with the latest releases. If the model is too old, servicing the car would be difficult due to unavailability of certain parts.
  • Car records and other documentations – Though it is a second-hand car, possessing original documents is equally important. Beware of frauds.
  • Service and insurance records – These records will help you get an idea about how smoothly or roughly the car was used, accidents involved and what is its current condition.
  • Test drive – Make sure you test drive multiple times to understand the working condition of the car.
  • Ownership transfer – After confirming the deal make sure all the official documents such as RC book, PUC are transferred to your name. The buyer and seller also need to sign the RTO forms 29 and 30 for official transfer of the ownership.

Where to buy used car from?

The used cars market has expanded its horizon right from offline dealings to various web portals. You could purchase a pre-owned car from your friend, a professional dealer or even directly from the owner. Nowadays, buying and selling cars has become very easy on online platforms.

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