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The cinema industry in Telugu is changing at the moment. The days of conventional storytelling and predictable plotlines are long gone. There’s been a welcome resurgence to Telugu cinema, especially in the criminal thriller genre. These riveting whodunits and thrilling sagas are reaching a bigger audience thanks to the growth of OTT platforms like aha, leaving them breathless and begging for answers. Crime thriller movies Telugu are about to give an incredible cinematic experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen, so fasten your seatbelt and get ready to be on edge.

1 – RaakshasaKavyam

The mythical characters Jaya-Vijaya, or Ajay-Vijay, are resurrected in this Telugu movie “Raakshasa Kaavyam,”. It was released in 2023 and takes place in a Hyderabad slum. Chaitanya, an engineering student, is unintentionally dragged into their criminal world and becomes caught in their fanatical ideology. The narrative reveals a family’s troubles with an alcoholic father, as well as Teja’s exam-night terror, bringing depth to the plot. Ajay and Vijay, formed by their father’s influence, represent two opposing moral orientations. The plot is driven by emotional twists and powerful choices, with elements of action, crime, and drama. Lead actors Abhay Betaganti and Anvesh Michael add to the film’s charm, providing Telugu movie fans with an exciting cinematic experience.

2 – Polimera 2

A policeman seeks justice in a village plagued by black magic in “Polimera 2,” a Telugu horror film directed by Anil Viswanath. As a bus reaches a temple town, unexpected incidents startle the people, bringing a diverse cast comprising an archaeologist, magician, villager, and a woman. The story revolves around Satyam Rajesh, diving into the complexities of black magic. Notable is a moving conversation about the morality of killing for sacrifice. The film has received great reviews and captivates audiences with its cryptic tale, thrilling surprises, and standout performances by Satyam Rajesh and Getup. “Polimera 2” promises an entertaining ride that will pique your interest and leave a lasting impression.

3 – Hidimbha

“Hidimbha,” a 2023 Telugu psychological action thriller directed by Aneel Kanneganti. It investigates the strange disappearance of girls in Hyderabad, putting the police under strain. Adhya (Nandita Swetha), an IPS officer, heads the investigation alongside Abhay (Ashwin Babu). The narrative thickens when subsequent disappearances are revealed to be the work of an aboriginal group known as Hidimba. Set against the backdrop of Hyderabad’s missing persons case, all victims had one thing in common: they were girls. Released on July 20, 2023, the film, despite receiving mixed reviews, entices psychological thriller fans with its riveting narrative and engaging turns, making it an appealing pick for those interested in intricate criminal dramas.

To conclude

Crime thriller movies Telugu go beyond ordinary pleasure, demonstrating the growth of Indian cinema. These films, which reveal the complexities of the human psyche, delve into criminal minds, and build captivating plots that keep spectators on edge, have received worldwide recognition. Telugu thrillers provide a variety of experiences, ranging from psychological warfare in “RaakshasaKavyam” to creepy turns in “Polimera 2” and fierce pursuits in “Hidimbha.” As OTT platforms like aha broaden their reach, these stories fascinate a larger audience. Telugu crime thrillers are not only reinventing regional cinema; they are also pushing the genre’s boundaries. They even provide exciting, thought-provoking adventures that linger long after the screen fades.

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