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These days where technology is currently occupying the lives of many people, most of them already saw different what it brings to the table. Back then, when the computer is not widely used, people can easily remember all things that they do whenever they are doing something on their computers. Of course, not all people are knowledgeable about computers, but still, most of them notice the very common things that they see in it like the file types.

Not all people know this, but the file type is the three to four letters starting with a dot (.) that anyone can see whenever they are saving their files like .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, and many more. These are just the basic file types that people can easily see when they use computers to do their work. It has a lot more because anything people do and save on a computer always has a file extension. But not all computer users know what kind of file formats they have or what kind of computer application they need to have to be able to open their files.

Different Files and Its Basic Extensions

Different file extensions have their Parent Files or Parent Directory. People cannot just open a file extension in any software or application they choose. It always has a partner. To easily understand it, here are the basic and common file types that most computer users see in their everyday lives:

Text or Document Files – It can open these file extensions like doc, docx, pdf, txt, rtf.

Image Files – From here, these can open formats like jpeg, jpg, gif, png.

Audio Files – mp3, wav, m4a, wma.

Video Files – wmv, mp4, avi, flv.

How to Open RCF Files:

Most people do not need to understand the whole meaning of these three letters and still, they know what to use whenever they see it, but still, not all of them are well equipped for this. That’s why they still need some help.

Help is On the Way

Today, it is very easy to understand how to open any file types that computer users accidentally have or purposely have but don’t know where it should be. With the help of, worries are gone, because when people visit their website, all the file formats and the software it needs to have are already listed in it. So that, it is very helpful for everyone who has files that they are not sure of what’s inside it and today they will finally see it through the help of techshift.

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