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Instagram is a world renowned social media platform that over ‘1.5 Billion’ users are active around the world in different countries. The most prominent feature that Instagram has been using is the ‘like’ button. Whether it’s for Instagram posts, videos, or reels, if you love the content, you end up “liking” or simply double tapping the post to leave a like. Why are these Instagram likes important? Are there any drawbacks related to these buy Instagram followers? What would be the world without expressing how we feel for a particular post and just keep on scrolling? Let’s find out one by one.

Like feature

This is an era of social validation, where every individual is looking for validation from others to increase their self-worth. The ‘Like’ feature of Instagram has enhanced The Likeness of Instagram. Instagram offers an option of ‘like’; which allows people to like post or reel of an individual. Recently, Instagram has also introduced an option of liking the story, using which users can like any particular story that they might be interested in.

Drawbacks of these “followers” –

  • Users get so obsessed with getting a certain number of likes for their post and forgetting that the content and the other user’s feedback also matter. Not all posts get the desired reach. In this social media age, people tend to judge each other typically on how much likes their posts have on Instagram, This is where it gets toxic. These likes are only a form of feedback for a particular post, and not the individual who’s posting it. Users getting low likes start to get jealous of other users who get more number of likes.


  • The world without social media is completely unimaginable today. The need to express how one feels for a thing matters. If there was no like feature on Instagram, its headquarters won’t be getting an analysis on how people are engaging with each other. Just scrolling through Instagram feeds and not being able to express oneself by a single like button feels illegal. Instagram likes will remain an important feature as it’s simple to use and understand and can “get the message” across to the two users—the one who posted and the one liking the post.

Instagram likes is one of the best features put up by the company. To use it properly and to understand its motive is completely in the user’s hand. Creating a toxic relationship with the number of “likes” one receives will do nothing but only harm their mental health.

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